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“Our business has accelerated massively, allowing us to grow much quicker than we ever could have done organically.”

Stephen May

Managing Director, KUMU Clothing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use paid social?2021-12-31T12:21:21+00:00

Introducing the right paid social strategy to your overall marketing activity can have amazing benefits for your business when it comes to attracting new customers, making existing customers return and building brand loyalty. We can develop a suit to match your needs and drives your ideal customer through your marketing funnel.

Which paid social channel should I choose?2021-12-31T12:26:02+00:00

This depends on your target audience. We’ll work with you and carry out research to understand your target audience to ensure your budget is invested in the right platform to generate success.

What makes Mammoth different as a paid social agency?2021-12-31T12:26:38+00:00

We’re paid social specialists with big brand experience. Too many agencies offer paid social campaigns as a bolt-on to existing activity without truly understanding how the platforms work. We’ll develop a proposal with clear targets so you fully understand our approach to working with your business.

We already post organically, what’s the benefit of running a paid campaign too?2021-12-31T12:27:19+00:00

There are many advantages to running paid social campaigns. To name a few: precise audience targeting, reach new potential customers, optimise your activity for your goal (more leads, new purchases).

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